Autism: Always Unique. Totally Intelligent. Sometimes, Mysterious!

Atlanta Autistic Day Camp
Summer Classes


Certified S.T.E.M. instructors will teach skills to give children concepts for practical applications. For our Ausome children, S.T.E.M. exposes them to building, encourages attention to detail and provides real-life connections with learning. Children on the spectrum tend to surpass their peers in coding because they naturally possess the skills required to excel in software engineering.


It’s important for older children with disabilities approaching adulthood to be acquainted with job search related activities and experiences. A.R.T.S. provides opportunities for young adults to discover and nurture the leader inside through decision making, time management and problem solving.


Children can’t learn to take care of their needs unless they learn to pay attention to them. A.R.T.S. is a place where children can discover new things that will help them maintain hygiene and pride in self appearance.

Does your child know how to make friends? At A.R.T.S. our children find countless ways to share who they are and meet new friends like them!


One of the best ways to teach Ausome kids about personal responsibility is to learn about the world around them. Children that learn about our environment often spark an innate respect for the natural world. Gardening helps improve memory, cognitive abilities, task initiation, language skills and socialization. Outdoor exposure can also improve their concentration skills.


Our Ausome children are often shy or introverted. Arts and crafts helps them to identify shapes, colors and textures, and refines their motor skills. Creative tasks encourage children to play and experiment in a fun and relaxed environment. It also increases their self-esteem and enhances their self-expression.

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