Autistic Recreational Therapy Services
A.R.T.S. of Love!

  • WHAT

    A.R.T.S. (Autistic Recreational Therapy Services) is an Atlanta Autism support and educational organization designed to give children with autism and other intellectual disabilities the opportunity to learn life skills and socialize with their peers.

    We want to give your child a safe, loving environment to learn and have fun. The goal of Atlanta’s A.R.T.S. is to give your child a place they desire to attend, learn and participate.

  • WHY

    Our founder and head instructor Tess Hall began this journey as a mother of a Level 1 Autistic son, Joshua. While Josh benefits from having a mom who teaches Special Education, Tess realized there were many Exceptional Learners that needed additional instruction outside the traditional classroom. Tess also realized the limited opportunities for Josh to socialize with his peers.

    Frustrated at the way the community sees children with special needs, Tess changed careers to Education six years ago. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master’s in Special Education, Tess began to advocate for children with special needs in the school system. She quickly realized her students did not have the necessary life skills to function in the community, and that Exceptional Learners needed a creative way to learn.

    Combining her knowledge as a teacher and her experience as a parent, A.R.T.S. was born!


    “I give my students NO limits when it comes to learning new things … every small victory leads to a mountain of success!” —Tess Hall


    Atlanta-based A.R.T.S. plants the seeds of intellectual curiosity, essential decision making skills and outreach to others. We utilize a variety of tools to help accomplish our mission. A.R.T.S. Instructors are organized around our philosophy to deliver a structured results-oriented outcome.


    Love, compassion, and understanding are just a few of the qualities that we will give our Ausome kids. At A.R.T.S., we are excited to have an opportunity to meet your child’s special needs. Our goal is to make this day camp the best your child has ever had.

    We have an amazing crew of wonderful, skilled staff just waiting for your child to share this wonderful venture together.

“Don’t Dis our Abilities!”

Meet Our Founder and Head Instructor

TESS HALLFounder and Head Instructor
Established with Joy in 2021
Established with Joy in 2021
With more than seven years of Special Education instruction combined with 16 years of parental experience, Tess Hall is passionate about the care and education of children with Autism and other intellectual disorders. She has dedicated her life to increasing awareness and providing solutions for children and parents to thrive no matter the diagnosis!
My Ausome Son, Joshua
My Ausome Son, Joshua(I'm not only an Ausome teacher... I'm an Ausome mom too!)

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